Fourth & Fifth Grades

Beginning in fourth grade, students have specialized teachers for each subject instead of one homeroom teacher who teaches all subjects. In preparation for transitioning to the Upper School, students learn how to manage multiple teachers who may have different expectations. They also gain more responsibility and trust on campus.

In fourth and fifth grade, students gradually assume greater responsibility for keeping track of their assignments and work. They are shown how to use planners and online calendars to stay on top of their work and are more formally introduced to other study skills such as note-taking, making outlines and summaries, how to plan and manage a lengthy assignment. Students have all academic subjects daily, as well as enrichment and P.E. Student progress is updated weekly and visible to parents via an online portal.


Teaching Staff

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Kala Patel

Kala Patel

Titles: 4th & 5th Grade Science and Math Teacher

Dilraj Basra

Titles: 4th & 5th Grade Language Arts, 4th Grade History
Florante Galvez

Florante Galvez

Titles: Performing Arts Teacher

After graduation from fifth grade, students make the leap across the street to the Upper School!