Arts & Education

A student draws a picture

Drawing, painting, performing, and singing are fun. Make no mistake: Our shyest students have a blast when they step onto stage, see their parents in the audience and embrace their role as a talking dog. Students who are sure they are all thumbs can't resist when presented with watercolors, a paintbrush, and given the OK to paint from fresh rain puddles. The arts run throughout our Upper and Lower School programs with dedicated studio, digital, and performing arts classes, and with painting, drawing and performing woven through academics. But the arts offer our students so much more than an opportunity to be creative and to polish and perfect their skills. The arts at Old Orchard are hands-on, interdisciplinary, and always a presence in and out of our classrooms.

All students take a dedicated drama, art, or technology class every day, with multiple performance and presentation opportunities throughout the year, including class plays, the Winter Chorale, community service events, and more!

A student plays the marimba enthusiastically.