US Speech & Debate Club Sign Up

Fridays 4-5:30 pm

GR4 Classroom, LS Campus

Participation Fee: $35* (Billed via FACTS)

Come join the OOS Speech and Debate club! Students will learn the ins and outs of crafting and delivering impactful and engaging speeches. Types of speeches will include: persuasive, expository, humorous/dramatic, interpretation of literature, and impromptu speaking. In addition, students will learn how to prep and plan for a 1:1 debate. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in at least one local middle school speech tournament.

The OOS Speech Team is led by OOS parent Beth Martin (Quinn ‘18, Sydney ‘20), who was a member of the nationally ranked Leland High School Speech & Debate team. She continued debating and acting in college, graduating with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in Theater Arts. While Beth occasionally uses her persuasive speaking skills as a lawyer for Google, her fiercest debate opponents are usually seated around the Martin Family dinner table.

* The participation fee is a one time, annual fee due. Fees will be billed via FACTS and used to support special activities/tournaments/items for the club. Ms. Martin is graciously volunteering her time and talents, and would love the support of additional parent volunteers.

Are you able to help or volunteer time to support the club (e.g. bring snacks, listen to / provide feedback on speeches ahead of tournament, etc.)​​​​​​​?​​
We have created a Speech and Debate group email alias to share information about class, tournaments details, etc. Please let us know which parent emails you would like to have added to the list. If you are submitting multiple addresses, please separate by a comma. Registered students' OOS email will automatically be added to the list.​​​​

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