Pretzel Kids (K1-GR1) with Ms. Dani & Maestro Vélez

Dani Pereira, K2 Teacher

Daniel Vélez, OOS Spanish Teacher GRs 2-8

Mondays 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm, Nelson Hall

Jan 6 – Apr 6 (No class days: Jan 20, Feb 17) 12 weeks

$240 (billed via FACTS)

Interested in learning about yoga? Come join Ms. Dani and Maestro Vélez in their After-School Pretzel Kids class! This is a great intro to yoga, breathwork, and movement. Classes incorporate traditional yoga postures with fun, imaginative games and relaxation techniques. By using games, breath work, and visualization, children naturally relax and have fun. For those of you that don't know, both Ms. Dani and Maestro Velez are certified yoga instructors and are excited to share all they have learned with their students.Payment for the session can be dropped off in the Lower School Office.

Questions? Email Dani Pereira or Daniel Vélez.