After-School Enrichment Classes Winter 2020

See our current schedule of after-school classes below. Detailed class descriptions are available below the weekly calendar.

  • After-School Care is available for all students before and after all clubs and classes.
  • Parents are welcome to pick up students after school and stay on campus, work on homework or have a snack. If you stay at the Lower School campus, we ask that you head to the Dino Island play area by the lunch tables outside the Kindergarten (K2) classroom.
  • Students not picked up at the end of class will automatically be checked in to OOS After-School Care.


If you have questions, run into problems registering or have feedback, contact Tracie Tunnell






Art w/Margaret Washington

GRs 3-8



Kidizens Lego

GRs 1-5

3:30-5:00 pm


Yoga w/ Daniel Vélez

GRs 2-8

3:45 – 4:45pm


Art w/ Russell Powell


3:30-4:30 pm


Art w/ Russell Powell


3:30-4:30 pm


Chess Club

GRs 1-8



Fun on the Run w/ Michael Sodos

K1 - GR1

3:45 - 4:30 pm



SJG School of Music

GRS 2-8

3:45 – 4:30 pm


Speech & Debate

GRs 6-8

4:00-5:30 pm


Pretzel Kids w/

Dani Pereira &

Daniel Vélez

K1 – GR1

3:45 — 4:30 pm


Food Explorer’s Club

GRs 1-8

4:00-5:15 pm


AI Tech w/

Fryden Learning

GRs 4-8

4:00-5:30 pm


Fun on the Run w/
Michael Sodos

GRs 2-3

3:45 - 4:45 pm



OOS Chess Club(GRs 1-8)

Bay Area Chess

Mondays 3:45-4:45 pm, GR4 Classroom

Jan 6 – Apr 6 (No class days: Jan 20, Feb 17)


Register here

Bay Area Chess returns to provide professional chess instruction tailored to each student’s skill level and comes highly recommended by several Old Orchard families. The program is suitable for players of all skills levels, from beginner to advanced, with instruction adapted to each student’s level. As they progress, students will learn the rules of the game, basic strategies, tactics, endgames and advanced strategies.



Kidizens (GRs 1-5)

Tuesdays 3:30-5:00 pm, Nelson Hall

Jan 14 - Apr 7 (No class days: Feb 18)


Register here

Kidizens returns and they have quite an adventure planned beginning in the 17th century and ending in the not so distant future. The first 6-weeks take place in the 17th century. Each group is given a task: to discover the New LEGO World! Each pair of co-captains learn about the early explorers, sail the high seas to reach the New LEGO World and brave their first winter.

The second 6-weeks takes place in the not so distant future where the space race is underway. Our space explorers will plan their mission to outer space, decide the most efficient means of travel, prepare themselves to survive AND be ready to encounter any signs of life!



Fun on the Run (K1-GR1)

Michael Sodos, GR2 Teacher

Wednesdays 3:45 pm-4:30 pm

Jan 8 - April 8 (No class days: Feb 19)

$260 (billed via FACTS)

Enjoy games, sports, and other activities after school with Mr. Michael! Participate in sports clinics and learn introductory skills as we focus on helping children develop their motor skills, teamwork and an elevated sense of self. All skill levels welcome!

Register here

Fun on the Run (GRs 2-3)

Michael Sodos, GR2 Teacher

Mondays 3:45 pm-4:45 pm

Jan 6 - April 6 (No class days: Jan 20, Feb 17)

$240 (billed via FACTS)

Enjoy games, sports, and other activities after school with Mr. Michael! Participate in sports clinics and advance your skills in a variety of different activities. All skill levels welcome!

Register here

Yoga (GRs 2-8)

Daniel Vélez, OOS Spanish Teacher GRs 2-8

Wednesdays 3:45 pm-4:45 pm, Nelson Hall

Jan 8 – April 8 (No class: Feb 19)

$260 (billed via FACTS)

Register here

After-school yoga class with Maestro Vélez continues! Maestro Vélez is a certified yoga and pilates teacher and he's excited to share the practice with his students. In addition to teaching adults, he has made a special study of teaching yoga to kids so they have fun learning poses that transform them into different animals, plants and objects, while also teaching to be aware of movement, breath and the confidence that comes with being able to control their movements.

Pretzel Kids (K1-GR1)

Dani Pereira, OOS K2 Teacher

Daniel Vélez, OOS Spanish Teacher GRs 2-8

Mondays 3:45 pm - 4:30 pm, Nelson Hall

Jan 6 – Apr 6 (No class days: Jan 20, Feb 17)

$240 (billed via FACTS)

Register here

Interested in learning about yoga? Come join Ms. Dani and Maestro Vélez in their After-School Pretzel Kids class! This is a great intro to yoga, breathwork, and movement. Classes incorporate traditional yoga postures with fun, imaginative games and relaxation techniques. By using games, breath work, and visualization, children naturally relax and have fun. For those of you that don't know, both Ms. Dani and Maestro Velez are certified yoga instructors and are excited to share all they have learned with their students.



Ukulele (GRs 2-8)

Chris Main, SJG School of Music

Thursdays, 3:45 pm – 4:30 pm, Nelson Hall (LS Campus)

Jan 30 - Mar 26 (No class: Feb 14 and 21)


To register, drop payment (check payable to SJG School of Music) to the LS or US Office

In this class students will continue to build fundamental skills to start playing the ukulele! Learn rhythms and strumming patterns for popular songs. Class members will learn to play basic chords and to play songs in folk, rock and Hawaiian styles. Topics covered: Rhythm fundamentals, tuning, ukulele care, and basic strums. A Ukulele is required and some exposure to ukulele or guitar is preferred. A $10 material fee is payable to the instructor at the first class.



Art Class (GRs 3-8)

Margaret Washington, OOS Art Teacher GRs3-8

Mondays 3:30-4:45 pm, GR5 Classroom

$20/class payable to Margaret Washington

First Class: Monday Jan 6

Email Mrs. Washingtonto register (

Students will explore watercolor, pastel, tempera, papier mache and colored pencil projects as well as some art history. Mrs. Washington also provides a treat each class. This will be the 21styear Mrs. Washington has offered this fun and informative adventure in art. Come join the fun!

Art Class (K2-GR5) -- CLASS FULL

Russell Powell, OOS Art Teacher K2-GR5

Thursdays & Fridays 3:30-4:30 pm, GR1 Classroom

$20/class payable to Russell Powell

Email Russell Powell to be added to the waitlist.

Mr. Russell offers twice weekly after-school art classes in the First Grade classroom. Students will be in for an amazing exploration of art completing a variety of projects across multiple mediums. Snacks will be provided.



OOS Speech & Debate Club (GRs 6-8)

Ms. Beth Martin, OOS Parent to Syd ’20 and Quinn ND ’22, OOS ’18

Fridays 4:00-5:00 pm, GR5 Classroom

First Winter Meeting: Jan 10

$35 Participation Fee (one-time, annual fee billed via FACTS)

Register here

Are you a budding thespian? Do you enjoy arguing with your friends and family for fun? Students will learn the ins and outs of crafting and delivering impactful and engaging speeches including: persuasive, expository, humorous/dramatic, and impromptu. In addition, students will learn how to prep and plan for a 1:1 debate. This will be a fun, hands-on experience, providing students the opportunity to build confidence, while creating, practicing and presenting speeches. Students will also have the opportunity to participate in at least one local middle school speech tournament.

The OOS Speech Team is led by OOS parent Beth Martin (Syd ’20 and Quinn ND ’22, OOS ’18), who was a member of the nationally ranked Leland High School Speech & Debate team. She continued debating and acting in college, graduating with a degree in Speech Communication and a minor in Theater Arts. While Beth occasionally uses her persuasive speaking skills as a lawyer for Google, her fiercest debate opponents are usually seated around the Martin Family dinner table.



Food Explorer's Club (GRs 1-8)

Fridays 4:00 - 5:15 pm, GR4 Classroom

Jan 10 - Apr 3 (No class days: Feb 14, Feb 21, Mar 20)

$380 (includes all materials & equipment)

Email to register.

Cooking and Baking classes have never been more enjoyable, informative, and nutritious! Food Explorers Club's budding chefs learn to cook and bake global cuisines from scratch using fresh, locally grown ingredients. FOOD EXPLORERS CLUB includes:

1. Culinary Fundamentals

2. Nutrition Education

3. Exploring Kitchen Tools

4. Whole and Real Ingredient

5. Confidence

6. My Global Table



AI Tech Class w/ Fryden Learning (GRs 4-8)

Mondays 4:00 - 5:30 pm, GR4 Classroom

Jan 13 - April 6 (No Class days: Jan 20, Feb 17)

$350 (does not include the box)

Email Tracie Tunnell if you are interested in registering.

**Come try out the class for FREE on Monday, Jan 4 **

Ever wonder how Artificial Intelligence works? Here's your chance! Over the course of the session, students will build their very own Fryden, a hand-built computer assembled from electronic parts. They will understand the math behind learning machines, how to train a neural network, and why intelligent machines behave the way they do. Using all they have learned, students will program their Fryden to become various types of artificial intelligences requiring complex training strategies. Once built and programmed, the student's Fryden brains will be uploaded into simulators to take part in a friendly competition with classmates.

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